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A solution for every industry

Our products are used in a wide variety of industries, from construction machinery, tunnel technology and crane construction to wind power, vehicle technology and general mechanical and plant engineering.

With diameters from 400 mm to 4,000 mm, we can offer the right solution for almost every area.

Regardless of the requirements of your slewing bearings in terms of dimensions, ambient conditions and load conditions, you will find the right product at Kuppler Slewing Bearings and will be reliably supported.


The use of slewing bearings in construction machines is characterized by alternating loads in the axial and radial directions as well as tilting moment loads.

The most frequently used slewing bearings in this area are single-row ball slewing bearings or double row slewing bearings. There are usually less stringent requirements for the adjacent construction.

Our customers in the construction machinery sector benefit in particular from tailor-made and robust solutions that are characterized by high operational reliability and resilience.


In order to withstand the high axial forces when using slewing bearings in tunnel technology, double row slewing bearings are recommended.

Even with hard and changing rock formations, Kuppler slewing bearings are characterized by a long service life under the highest loads.

A robust design also ensures the necessary operational reliability.


Slewing bearings are used in a wide variety of ways in machine and plant construction.

Profile bearings can be used as an economical solution for low loads and less stringent requirements for accuracy. With increasing demands on load bearing and precision, we recommend single row slewing bearings or double row slewing bearings.

We offer you customer-specific solutions as well as additional mechanical production parts for your application.


In crane construction, depending on the load, profile bearings, single row slewing bearings or double row slewing bearings are used.

Whether tower cranes, harbor cranes or loading cranes, with us you get the right slewing bearing for every type of crane.
Customer-specific designs ensure that the forces acting on them are reliably withstood.


Single row slewing bearings and Slewing bearings and profile bearings are used for the transmission of the axial load as well as tensile and thrust forces are used in the vehicle technology.

From trams to municipal utility vehicles to heavy-duty transporters, slewing bearings are used in a wide variety of vehicle types and ensure the required mobility.


In the field of military technology, the solutions used must function reliably under extreme conditions and in different climate zones.

Robustness, reliability and precision are the absolute prerequisites for this and are guaranteed by Kuppler Slewing Bearings.


In order to meet the high demands in wind power, maximum reliability and efficiency are required.
We ensure this through the most modern measurement methods and a certified quality management system.

Single row slewing bearings and double row ball slewing bearings are used as blade bearings and/or azimuth bearings. The bearings can be protected from the weather by means of special surface coatings.


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